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Hauler Hero Waste Management Software - Explainer Video


Can you believe people think running a waste-hauling business is easy?

Introducing Hauler Hero, the premier waste management software solution designed to transform and grow waste and recycling businesses of all sizes.

What sets Hauler Hero apart is our best-in-class software platform built to simplify and automate the hardest and most repetitive hauling tasks.

  • Experience real-time customer tracking, ensuring every pickup is executed flawlessly
  • Centralized billing management with effortless invoicing and convenient Payment Processing you can even see when an invoice has been viewed
  • Effortlessly schedule pickups with a click
  • Optimizing routes to minimize idle time, fuel, and environmental impact
  • Save time and money by replacing paperwork with automation
  • Elevate customer satisfaction through dependable and punctual waste collection
  • Ensure you stay compliant with waste disposal regulations safeguarding your business and environment
Ready for a revolution in waste and recycling software? Schedule your Hauler Hero demo today.